According to Ellen

A Mad Mad World


Everyone has a voice today. Everyone has something to say about everything that happens in this world all the time. It becomes instantaneous, non­-filtered or filtered through the media, whether someone else wants to hear it quickly or not. Commenting or curating, liking, pinning, sharing, posting, reposting, or tweeting. It’s a mad mad mad world we have created. Never a day goes by, without someone’s voice trying to gain traction and be louder than the rest. Our voices can be creative, chaotic, or soundbites. Everything gets added to the messiness that is our mad modern world.

Who will be the arbitar of great taste or the curator of constant floating images around all the socials 24/7? Do you think you can do it, as if you were curating a museum of our time here on earth? What is it we are searching for creatively? In our hearts or minds? Is it out there in someone else’s voice or a picture we receive instantly from anywhere in the world? You can become a star for 15 seconds if your comment catches fire. If the celebrity in you, wants to shine in the light, you can become the ONE to watch. Thought-provoking or not. Who knows? How many people do you follow? How many people follow you? It’s a sport that inspires greatness in numbers, but does it really inspire greatness?

I don’t know the answer. I come from a time when stories and the storyteller guided the group. Stories move us emotionally; they connect to our heart’s core. What life looks like depends on our imaginations and inspirations. Did we lose it along the way? Or does our inspirations become a direct result of a pin, tweet, or post? Does each person get a vote in this utopian-­picture, buzz-­crazed world we live in? How does your voice sound buzzing round on all the socials?


According to Ellen – Part Three

What does being by the ocean do for you?


Water is my element. It is cleansing, relaxing and regenerating.  The color of the sea is mesmerizing to me.  The different shades of blue, blue-green, light turquoise I find to be both inspirational and healing.  Whenever I need to escape, when my body and mind need to rest and recharge, I visit the ocean.  It is a dreamlike landscape, where I become reborn!  The beauty of water is staggering, and it renews me.



According to Ellen – Part Two

What emotion do the colors black and white evoke for you?


I adore most images and things black and white, because my imagination can run wild!  White is powerful; to me it is light.  When one wears all white, essentially an iconic image is formed no matter what!  Black is a blank canvas, a shadow that creates a silhouette. It is a mysterious essence, filled with many illusions.

Light and dark, weightlessness and shadow, hard and soft, the crisp architecture of a black line against the pureness of a white ground…that resonates with me.


According to Ellen – Part One

How do you use color to make a statement in your work?


I am a lover of all color and the juxtaposition of no color.  I love to live with color, dream in color and create in color, however in the medium that I work in color creates a statement that has to reflect the text and the story.

Color can create a mood without words, so when I am translating the text, I must choose the exact shade to evoke that emotion.

In real life (meaning beyond the movie set) color says the same about the person.  Picture someone walking into a room in a red dress, then picture one in a pink shirt, or someone wearing grey or green or lots of colors together…color is everything, and it sets the tone for one’s life.