Being Sixty

Lips_SixtyRockNRollYou can be sixty and be a rock ‘n’ roller. You can be a mixer, high, low, young, old. You can mix melodies and metaphors, you can sit amongst different cultures. You can start a blog, you can dream a new dream. You can be sixty and have friends half your age. You can be at home among your kids, friends, you can start again. You can be cool, you can have lived lots of time. You can have wrinkles that are memories, or you can have your memories and age erased and start again. You can be beautiful and wise. You can be strong and conquer things you only dreamt about. You can start another career whether you want to or have to. What does sixty look like? Sometimes I’m close to the feeling, and thinking of being with a 60 rock ‘n’ roller is thrilling.